The Sorensen Equestrian Park LLC website offers an effective and economical advertising opportunity to an affluent audience. Unlike other types of advertisements which are seen for a day, a week, or a month, the Sorensen Park website ads will be viewed repeatedly - for an entire year! This occurs because your ad can be placed in a location that needs to be accessed by the target audience over and over, throughout the year.

In 2013, Sorensen Equestrian Park LLC held 9 Nationally-recognized horse shows and 8 schooling shows. This means that an ad on this website has the potential to be viewed a minimum of three times by EACH exhibitor at 17 shows!

From January through October, your prospective customers (exhibitors, trainers, and coaches) will be scanning this website to see what horse shows and judges are scheduled each month. They will again access the site month after month as they sign up electronically for each show. They'll access the site a third time to learn of the "ride times". A ride time is the specific time that each exhibitor will compete. It's an essential piece of information that EACH exhibitor needs and it will almost always be accessed through this website!

Additional Advertising Opportunities!

At Sorensen Park horse shows, there are many ways for a sponsor to reach this affluent audience. We will be pleased to custom design a package to meet each sponsor's marketing goals. The following can be included in your sponsor package in any combination. READ MORE about these options >>

Web page banner ad
Sponsor page ad
Link to your website
Show program ads
Banner/signage display
Booth space
Public address system announcements
Flyers and/or promotional inserts/samples
Title sponsorship